Johnny Cardenas has a podcast with Prospect Blueprint about NCAA baseball issues. He is so brutally honest how the NCAA APR cripples a program like SFA and the thing is the NCAA doesn't care. APR is nothing more than an attempt by the NCAA to give the illusion that college athletics is still about academics. Its far from it. Athletes no longer chose their academic course of studies... they are placed in one where they have the best chance of staying eligible and protecting that sports APR. The Transfer Portal is also out of control. Even 'big time' coaches are starting to complain and then you have the NIL.. sheesh it just makes kids fresh meat on the open market. Schools like SFA no longer really can compete with the Majors. If you really think they can you are kidding yourself. Heck In the last 20 years our old rivals Texas State and Sam Houston have outgrown us and they still don't compete with the Majors. I take my hat off to Cardenas for sticking it out at SFA, he is not getting any rewards for all his hard work.